Kao pomorsko učilište želimo tržištu ponuditi kvalitetne programe izobrazbe te na taj način doprinijeti jačanju konkurentnosti hrvatskih pomoraca na međunarodnom tržištu.


This was the motivation behind DGS Maritime Training Center founded in partnership with the company Porta Maritima Ltd. We monitor the need for seafarers' additional education and gradually expand our offer of training courses accordingly. Our primary goal is the satisfaction of each participant as well as providing up-to-date service.

As a maritime training center we strive to offer education programs of high quality to all those who need it and in that way improve the competitiveness of Croatian seafarers on the international market.


In accordance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the international conventions, we do our best to maintain and improve the education quality level at our training center.

Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure authorized DGS Maritime Training Center Ltd. for each training program we offer. You can find individual authorizations in the program’s detailed description.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008